A Look Back at Past Bo's Effort Events

Bo's Effort 7th Annual Golf Tournament

– May 2022 –

The 7th Annual Bo's Effort Golf Tournament on Monday, May 23rd, was not only a great time but also our most successful tournament yet!  And we owe it all to YOU (and Bo for arranging the perfect weather)!  Our generous sponsors and donors, awesome golfers and super helpful volunteers all came together to make #7 a memorable one! Congrats to our tournament winner – the Long Fence Foursome – Bill Cronin, Matt Ritter, Mike Ritter, Jr., and Robert Ritter.

We can't wait to put the proceeds from the tournament to use with mental health scholarships and programs to continue to break the stigma surrounding mental illness in our community.  We can do so much good with the money we raised!  Our sincerest thanks and we hope to see everyone back next year!

Let's take a look at some of 2022's memorable moments:


The 6th Annual Bo's Effort Golf Tournament

– May 2021 –




The 5th Annual Bo's Effort Golf Tournament

– September 2020 –





Congrats Raffle Winner – Tracy Callahan!
Tracy – we hope you and your family will have a great time making waves on your brand new Waverunner!  Thank you so much to everyone who made this raffle so successful!  You continue to amaze us with your generosity and support.


The 4th Annual Bo's Effort Golf Tournament

– May 2019 –


The DePaola family and the entire Bo’s Effort Foundation would like to extend our sincere thanks for your generous support and participation in the 4th Annual Bo’s Effort Golf Tournament.  It was a beautiful day and could not have done it without YOU!


Here are some shared thoughts…..


“I want to congratulate you on an excellent tournament. Many thanks for all that you are doing to lead the conversation and fundraising around the issue of mental illness. You are such a blessing to AAMC and the many families who benefit from your support in our community.” Jan Woods, President and Chief Development Officer - Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation


“Another great success!  Bo would be so proud. Your Board of Directors and team do such a wonderful job every year!  What you do for raising awareness for mental illness/mental health is awesome.”  – Fred Delp, Executive Director - NAMI-ACC


“Wow! I’ve been to many events and I have to say I’ve never seen a more organized, professional and first class event and show of respect for Bo that will live forever... Excellence is the first thing that comes to mind !!!!!” Richard Stellabuto, President/CEO - Iron World Manufacturing


“Today’s tournament was definitely one for the memory books. All the conversations I had with people today centered around them saying how great the tournament was, the positive vibe, the yummy food, and what wonderful work Bo’s Effort is doing for mental health.”  – Deborah R. Terhune, Certified Event Planner - Ramsey Madison Events


More than 250 people attended the tournament, auction and dinner. It was another fabulous event, where we exceeded our goals and inspired (now more than ever) to do more to improve awareness, break the stigma of mental illness and increase resources in and around our county. We can’t thank you enough!


Please take a moment to view our highlight videos:



In gratitude,

Bo's Effort Board of Directors


In loving memory of our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and dear friend. Bo's smile could light up any room and his spirit continues to shine on, just like the sun that came out the morning of the tournament and stayed with us as we played and celebrated. It was impossible to ignore his presence! We know Bo is so proud of the love and support shown by his friends and family. We are beyond grateful. There are no words to express how it feels to lose someone and yet watch his life inspire so many.

John, Jill, Katie and Johnny



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The 3rd Annual Bo's Effort Golf Tournament

– May 2018 –


Golfers from the 2018 tournament:

The 2018 tournament in pictures:

 2018 Sponsors



The 2nd Annual Bo's Effort Golf Tournament
– May 2017 –

The 2nd Annual Bo’s Effort Golf Tournament, held on May 22nd, was hugely successful and we can’t thank everyone enough!  From the players to the volunteers– dinner guests and auction participants – thank you to everyone who made the day so memorable!

With your continued support this year we reached our goal!  We are now able to fund a second position at AAMC – a Placement Specialist –an assistant to the Behavioral Health Navigator position created after last year’s tournament.  Through the continued support of Bo’s Effort, the Behavioral Health Navigator program in AAMC’s Emergency Department, Pathways, and outpatient mental health clinic provide care plan guidance and emotional support to our patients and their families who are navigating a complex mental health and substance use system.

Together, the Behavioral Health Navigator and Placement Specialist can assist even more patients and their families with the help they desperately need.  In addition, we’re able to continue to fund the extremely important family-to-family and peer-to-peer classes for NAMI, AAC!

We are so proud to continue our mission of creating awareness and conversation around mental health!  This year the Bo’s Effort Annual Golf Tournament expanded to include over 250 people! We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!


The 2017 tournament in pictures:

2017 Sponsors


The 1st Annual Bo's Effort Golf Tournament
– May 2016 –

The 1st Annual Bo’s Effort Golf Tournament, held on May 23rd, was hugely successful and we can’t thank everyone enough!  From the players to the volunteers– dinner guests and auction participants – thank you to everyone who made the day so memorable!

The 23rd was a significant day because it was the first anniversary of Bo’s passing.  We know he was with all of us that day celebrating our accomplishments and for that we are so very proud.

We are excited to announce that the golf tournament raised more than $68,500 which will be used to help those in our community who struggle with mental illness.  Special thanks to NAMI AAC and AAMC for their continued support and guidance.

Golfers from the 2016 tournament:

The 2016 tournament in pictures:


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